A New Chapter for Cody

Cody from CorgiTales.com

I was going to post this image of Cody months ago. So much has happened and it was never done. Routines and life took several twists and turns. Cody’s is learning to adjust as being the only furkid and has become a full-time indoor Corgi-kid at that.

With the adjustment of being solo also comes a health concern and life changes for Cody that we only just discovered earlier this year in March. I’ll share more about what ails our pretty boy in hopes that it will help others too.

My Cody in A New Chapter for Cody.

My Corgi Boys - September 2008 | Dockers, Nikita & Cody | CorgiTales.com

My Corgi Boyz…

After losing Nikita, I found it difficult to look through the photography I had so lovingly captured through the years of my Corgi-boyz. Photographing Dockers and Cody had become less frequent. As I was starting to pick up the camera again and

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Dockers 1999-2014 - Corgi Tales

My Beloved Dockers…

As a person who loves dogs and understands the life-long commitments in sharing my life with fur-children, I know certain truths. Those truths are how much a part of my life they become. How much they fill my life with loyal companionship,

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A Corgi Favorite Game - Playing Ball - CorgiTales.com

A Corgi Favorite Game…

One of our favorite past-times, games, and bonding activities was playing ball. It all started with Dockers as a pup. He picked up the game so easy and effortlessly. When we adopted Niki, he quickly and patiently brought Niki up to speed so that

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Dockers - That Intelligent Corgi Face!

That Intelligent Corgi…

This is my Dockers, back in 2010. 2010 was a good year with my three Corgis. How I wish time could be rewound and spend some more time there. Just look into that Corgi face. That's the face and persona of a happy, confident and intelligent

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