Corgi in Autumn Colors feat Cody

Corgi in Autumn Colors feat Cody - Corgi Tales

Sitting for the camera is not one of Cody’s favorite things. In fact, I usually can’t get him to look my way when I have the camera in front of my face. Even key words that get his attention like “treats” don’t seem to work when he knows what I’m up to. This was a good day, and I managed a couple of images where he wasn’t hiding from the lens.

I have some good news about Corgi Tales to share soon – it’s in honor of all my boys, the reason why the journal was started in the first place. Stay tuned…

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween evening – don’t forget to set your clocks back one whole hour for DST!

My pretty boy in Corgi in Autumn Colors feat Cody on Corgi Tales!

My Corgi in Autumn Backdrop feat Dockers

My Corgi in Autumn Backdrop feat Dockers - Corgi Tales

Our Japanese Maple did not disappoint that year. The prized tree served multi-duty as a beautiful backdrop to have our corgi boys be who they are and do what they do with the autumn colors used as a reminder of the time of year captured behind the lens.

I have to smile, looking into that face, but at the same time bite my bottom lip to hold emotions back of how much I miss my beautiful Doc. What a face. Such a lively force, character and so freaskishly intelligent.

Hope you’re enjoying the season’s change of weather. End of October is already approaching. Where does the time go?

My Corgi in Autumn Backdrop feat Dockers on Corgi Tales.

Recovering from Summer, Welcome Fall on Corgi Tales

Nikita - Fall/Autumn 2010

Nikita – Fall/Autumn 2010

Although we won’t be enjoying a change of season weather any time soon in the forecast, we can still bid the summer of 2015 farewell. We can embrace and welcome a brand new season as fall has finally arrived!

Years ago, I took a series of images with the boys enjoying the fall colors of our trees. This is just one of those images that I hold so dear of my beautiful Niki lying in the ground cover that was strikingly littered with autumn foilage. As are most of Nikita’s captures, he’s lying next to a golf ball (it’s at around the tip of his nose – you can just barely make it through the leaves), as he pauses for a break in the shade. You can just barely make out the then youngster, Cody, in the background.

Hope you’re enjoying this first day of the season!

My beloved Nikita, with his golf ball in Recovering from Summer, Welcome Fall on Corgi Tales.

The last days of summer - Corgi

The Last Days of Summer

Wiley's downtime is between 11:30 - 3:00. It's his naptime. Seriously, he is out like a light during this time period. He may provide a charity showing of his beautiful amber-colored eyeball or two, but they're droopy and beg to roll back to a

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Cody 06/2015 - Corgi

The Corgi Look – featuring Cody

Whether in the house or out in the yard when I'm busy about doing something, I will take a pause to look around for the boys. This is usually how I'll find Cody looking at me, if he's not sleeping. I have to wonder, what is he thinking about when he

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The Corgi Tales Boys 07/2015 (Cody & Wiley)

Corgi All Work and No Play

We have a major project going on in the yard right now with still another week or so to go. A major modification in the landscaping to accommodate a more drought tolerant and environmentally friendly (meaning less to no water usage) yard. Everything

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Bittersweet - The Corgi Boys pack

Bittersweet – The Corgi Boys pack

2010 was a good year. I didn't know it then. Looking back, I know it now. My boys were healthy, they were with me and they all filled my days with so much laughter, happiness, and unconditional love. During that time, I recall that there were

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