Missing Wiley

Missing Wiley - Corgi Tales

I’ve been pretty behind in updating Corgi Tales with more recent images of our sweet puppy, Wiley. There’s a lot to share and I want to start writing and sharing about the present too.

This is our 5-month old Wiley today! Taken this last weekend as I was photographing my garden’s fruit trees, Wiley was curious. Not only was he following me, his wet puppy paws enjoyed jumping on me to remind me that he was there! I think he was wondering why the fruits on the tree had my attention rather than his presence?

Although I know it was the best thing to do, I didn’t want to do it. It’s the finality of it all. Yesterday morning I kept Wiley’s appointment to have him neutered. Maybe it’s age with me, but I was surprised how emotional I was as they carried him away from me. How scary it must be for my little puppy not to understand what is going on as I left him. I wished there was a way to make him understand.

The greatest shock of the day, was that they kept him overnight. I didn’t realize they would be keeping him and had planned on bringing my boy home with me that evening so I could make him comfortable and assure him we were always there for him. It’s amazing that in just a few short months how he has become such a part of our home, our lives and notched into our hearts.

Looking forward to picking him up this evening, hold him in my arms and shower him with kisses (and hopes of his forgiveness).

Our 5-month old puppy in Missing Wiley.

Happy Halloween! Love Corgi Tales

Happy Halloween - Love Corgi Tales - Wiley 8/11/2014

This image was taken 10 days after the previous photo with the pumpkin. Look how much he’s grown in that short amount of time. Wiley has been such an easy puppy that he makes me want 10 more Corgi pups!

When we brought him home at just days short of 8 weeks, he was potty trained already. A couple of accidents (seriously, only two!), but nothing near what I was bracing myself for and you’d expect when introducing a puppy to your home. We quickly removed any newspaper or “pee pads” that we wastefully purchased because instead of using them for “his business” he would redecorate the pen with it by tearing it up and practicing his hunting tearing skills by ripping them apart.

He’s been so much fun and a real hoot with Cody.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Love Corgi Tales.

It’s A Pumpkin, Wiley!

It's A Pumpkin, Wiley 8/01/2014

We had a pumpkin leftover from last year, in August! This is before pumpkins starting appearing in the markets for this season, usually about mid-September.

Wiles (one of our shortened cutie name for our corgi pup), was fascinated with it…with the stem, that is. More images to share with orange pumpkins. Tough to capture images of pups (at least our pup) because he doesn’t stay still, even when you have the camera on full auto!

Our sweetling, whose growing up much too quick in It’s A Pumpkin, Wiley!

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Beautiful Nikita Autumn Leaves

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Wiley - Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup, Corgi Tales

Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup

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Wiley - Rhymes with Smiley! CorgiTales.com

Wiley – Rhymes with Smiley!

This was the day we brought our little Wiley (rhymes with Smiley) home. He just had his introduction to a happy Cody and is now all tired out next to a bowl of water. Minutes, maybe seconds after this shot, he was fast asleep in the same place,

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alt="Cody - A Rough Night - CorgiTales.com"

Cody – A Rough Night

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