The Great Corgi-Con – Who is Training Who?

The Great Corgi-Con: "Who Is Training Who?" -

We couldn’t have nailed our sweet puppy’s name more accurately. In just a few days, our boy will be turning 1 year already! Still full of lotsa puppy+corgi energy.

In the evenings our boys gather with Hubbs and I in front of the television after dinner. Most often Wiles can be a bit restless, insisting that we partake in playing with tug toys we make sure he has plenty of, like the tug toy in the picture (that one is exclusively for outside playing) or trying to spar with Cody. We enforce general behavior guidelines when in the house like no running and rough play is for outside not inside, etc. To get puppy to calm down quicker Hubbs will rub his side and he melts into a quiet state, obedient and content. When Hubbs stops, he’ll turn to look at him and kind of “cluck” like asking him to continue. This goes on for awhile until he tires of the arrangement and then he’ll come over to visit me, looking deeply into my eyes with those beautiful amber-colored eyes of his. He’ll bring over his tug toy as an invitation for play. How can I resist? When he’s bored of our game, he’ll head over back to Hubbs…and then the cycle continues and we both always concede.

A couple of evenings ago, I only just realized that it wasn’t us training him…he was training us! Behaviors from Dockers, Nikita and Cody starting flashing through my mind, searching for examples where else this corgi-con might have taken place. Ha! The obedience wasn’t on their part all this time…it was on ours!

Do you have a corgi-con story…I’d love to hear about it! Share your stories in comments…

Wiley…outside with his tug-toy in The Great Corgi-Con – Who is Training Who? on Corgi Tales.

Wiley – Still A Corgi Puppy

Wiley 03-26-2015 - Still A Corgi Puppy - Corgi Tales

Wiley’s puppyhood comes to an official end in the next weeks. Yes. I can’t even believe that we will be celebrating a 1 year birthday for him at the end of the month. I don’t know that he ever was a “true” pup, because he’s always seemed far wiser and mature since we brought him home. Seems a lifetime ago since visiting him every week…a litter of corgi puppies, what could be sweeter?

He does love to have a tug-toy, though. Never far away, he’ll look for one and bring it to you. He just wants to play tug! When he’s in the house, he keeps himself entertained with one tug-toy. Such a sweetie.

Our beautiful, amber-eyed Wiley in Still A Corgi Puppy on Corgi Tales!

Wiley – Late Season Shadows

Late Season Shadows - Wiley from

Like our Nikita, Wiley has a thing about objects. He’s rarely without a chew or tug toy in his mouth. Nikita’s thing was tennis balls, which he never tore up, just gnawed on it and carried it around. Wiley, on the other hand, will tear up the tennis ball so I take care not to leave tennis or golf balls around for him to contemplate it for fear of him choking on the ball once he gets to the core.

Wiles seems wise beyond his years. The way he acts and disposition, you wouldn’t know he’s only 10 months old. He’s a beauty. This image of him under the shadow of a Japanese Elm who doesn’t yet have its new season growth of leaves shows how much more mature he is. He’s starting to fill-out already too!

Puppy Wiley in Late Season Shadows on Corgi Tales.

Wiley and Cody: The Corgi Duo 04-03-2015

The Corgi Duo – Take 2

Cody and Wiley are enjoying the beautiful weather these days, now that it's officially spring! See the little piece of twig that Wiles is chewing on? Never a dull moment... It's warming up, and as you can see from Codes, the two Corgi boys are

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Wiley - Corgi Pup from Corgi Tales 09-04-2014

Wiley – A Corgi Pup!

This image makes me smile and laugh. Taken back in September when Wiley was not quite 4 months old. Amazing how much he's grown already. He's miniature size here and his beautiful amber eyes are lighter. He's a character to be sure and

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Cody 03-02-2015 - Reflecting on

Corgi Reflecting

Sometimes I wonder if Cody is more "thoughful" or if his mind processes things differently because of his seizures. He loves to play and do all the normal things a Corgi does, but he's much more "personal" and doesn't have any personal space

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Cody & Wiley 03-02-2015 -

Breather From The Rains…a Corgi Moment

The corgi boys spent the previous two days before this image cooped inside. I think they were feeling a little blue until the sun reappeared. You can't tell from the picture but they're up on a high hill that overlooks a valley. Even corgi-dogs

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