The Corgi Look – featuring Cody

Cody 06/2015 - Corgi

Whether in the house or out in the yard when I’m busy about doing something, I will take a pause to look around for the boys. This is usually how I’ll find Cody looking at me, if he’s not sleeping. I have to wonder, what is he thinking about when he looks at me like that?

That corgi look is dreamy and thoughtful and can sometimes be mistaken as being sad. I suppose that’s because a corgi cannot rest their chins on the backside of their paws due to the short legs that don’t extend that far out. Their chins must forever rest on the surface they are lying on {sigh}.

Such a beautiful, sweet face…

The Corgi Look – featuring Cody on Corgi Tales.

Corgi All Work and No Play

The Corgi Tales Boys 07/2015 (Cody & Wiley)

We have a major project going on in the yard right now with still another week or so to go. A major modification in the landscaping to accommodate a more drought tolerant and environmentally friendly (meaning less to no water usage) yard. Everything is insanely dusty and dirty because of the upheaval, including the Corgi kids. I cannot (or will not) bring them in right now because they’re little dirt monsters! They’ve been so exceptionally good and patient as they’ve been rather cooped up these days.

Our sprite, Wiley, has grown up quickly! Look at that beautiful puppy face!!

Tough evening last night. Cody had his cluster seizures. Every single time he seizes I mark it on a calendar with the following details:

  • exact time of each seizures
  • how many in the cluster
  • how hard or long they lasted
  • any behavioral notes that deviate from what we’ve seen before.

I started documenting these details since first witnessing the seizures last year and finally realizing what was happening to our boy. I look for patterns and any correlation in changes to his environment – I even check it against moon phases (seriously, I’ve read some people link it to this)! Nothing that mysterious though…absolutely no association, that I’ve surmised, with the moon.

One very important aspect about the seizure last night is that it was anticipated, to the day, of its occurrence. I wish I could claim a sixth sense, but nothing that sinister – rather, the premonition was due to the recordings I keep and that lately he’s been consistent in seizing every 21 days. We have baby monitors around the house so we can hear the collar he wears at night that we fashioned with multiple jingle bells. It alerts us and its worked out brilliantly!

Yard project or not, the boys will be enjoying much needed baths and detail grooming this weekend! Have a happy and safe one…

ABOUT THE PHOTO: Amongst the rest of the chaos in the yard, the boys are perched on a column in our backyard. This was a favorite spot of our beloved Nikita and I have many pics of both Niki and Cody kicking back on it together. An absolutely unposed image of Cody and Wiley.

Sweetlings Codes and Wiles in Corgi All Work and No Play on Corgi Tales.


During the early hours of the morning while up with Cody between the cluster seizures (the postictus stage), Cody, Wiley and I spent the time outside admiring a brilliant display of the moon. One of the images captured looked like something from a ghostly fall evening of what you would think a moon looks like for Halloween!

Waxing Gibbous Moon 07/30/2015

Waxing Gibbous Moon 07/30/2015

Bittersweet – The Corgi Boys pack

Bittersweet - The Corgi Boys pack

2010 was a good year. I didn’t know it then. Looking back, I know it now.

My boys were healthy, they were with me and they all filled my days with so much laughter, happiness, and unconditional love. During that time, I recall that there were times I reminded myself to savor those moments because I knew I was happy but that there would be a day when inevitably I would suffer their loss due to the unjust condition of a canine’s lifespan. I know that’s a bit morose and maybe even unhealthy, but to keep that in mind and to remember to take things lightly, not to wait until tomorrow to spend more time – an extra treat or game of ball, sharing more kisses and hugs…doing little everyday things like that today and not taking tomorrows for granted, that is why I do it – and I don’t regret it.

Wouldn’t it be a better place if we could always remind ourselves of that idea, especially when life gets too busy and you’re just plain too involved with everyday….LIFE?

ABOUT THE PHOTO: Unlike most of the images of the corgi kids, this one was posed. They were placed, but each of them is sitting or lying as they would naturally. I’m going to post a filmstrip of how many images it took to get the fur kids at this point. The most challenging subject was youngling Cody. Even to this day its a project to get him to look my way when I have the camera in front of my face. Dockers and Nikita were so very easy and attentive to my silly whims. If you got to know my kids, you’d realize that how you’re viewing them in this photograph speaks volumes about each of their individual personalities…so inadvertent but magically captured in this cherished image.

Missing members in our family in Bittersweet – The Corgi Boys pack on Corgi Tales.

Cody 01-13-2015 - Corgi

Dreaming of Cooler Days…Cody

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Wiley - Corgi Puppies -

What’s Cuter Than A Corgi Puppy?

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Wiley 07-07-2014 at 5 Weeks - Happy Birthday to our Corgi Puppy -

Wiley Turns 1 Year Old Today on Corgi Tales

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The Great Corgi-Con: "Who Is Training Who?" -

The Great Corgi-Con – Who is Training Who?

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