Birthdays – Remembering Nikita ’14

Birthdays - Remembering Nikita '14

Back in 2009, I wrote about these set of images I captured that weren’t planned (they usually never are), very early one morning. The boys (Dockers, Nikita and Cody) had just spent the evening sleeping on their new big, warm, and fluffy cushions. The images captured of Nikita that morning were priceless and remain some of my most favorite. Because it was dark in the room and his light colors, the lighting off his face was just lovely. He was always so easy to photograph. Always looked at me when I was right there in his face with an annoying camera. So attentive.

My boy is so missed.

I met our beautiful Niki the day he was born when he was only hours old. He blessed us by entering our lives the day before our wedding anniversary. Since we usually went out for anniversary dinners, we were always sure to bring him back a treat or two from the celebratory meal the day after his birthday.

Today is his birthday. We celebrate his life, the love that he emanated, and the bright light that he still brightly shines from the beauty that he was.

My Beautiful Nikita – Birthdays – Remembering Nikita ’14.

Wiley Bobbing for Pears!

Wiley from Corgi - pear fascination

I recently featured Wiley on my Teenie Cakes food photography journal, when featuring our autumn garden. As I was photographing images of these pears, his fascination grew as he tried so intently to reach these pears overhead. In no time at all he’ll be reaching low-hanging fruit, so I’m sure to prune and train my fruit trees so he’ll leave us some harvest!

Sweet Wiley in Bobbing for Pears on Corgi Tales!

Missing Wiley

Missing Wiley - Corgi Tales

I’ve been pretty behind in updating Corgi Tales with more recent images of our sweet puppy, Wiley. There’s a lot to share and I want to start writing and sharing about the present too.

This is our 5-month old Wiley today! Taken this last weekend as I was photographing my garden’s fruit trees, Wiley was curious. Not only was he following me, his wet puppy paws enjoyed jumping on me to remind me that he was there! I think he was wondering why the fruits on the tree had my attention rather than his presence?

Although I know it was the best thing to do, I didn’t want to do it. It’s the finality of it all. Yesterday morning I kept Wiley’s appointment to have him neutered. Maybe it’s age with me, but I was surprised how emotional I was as they carried him away from me. How scary it must be for my little puppy not to understand what is going on as I left him. I wished there was a way to make him understand.

The greatest shock of the day, was that they kept him overnight. I didn’t realize they would be keeping him and had planned on bringing my boy home with me that evening so I could make him comfortable and assure him we were always there for him. It’s amazing that in just a few short months how he has become such a part of our home, our lives and notched into our hearts.

Looking forward to picking him up this evening, hold him in my arms and shower him with kisses (and hopes of his forgiveness).

Our 5-month old puppy in Missing Wiley.

Happy Halloween - Love Corgi Tales - Wiley 8/11/2014

Happy Halloween! Love Corgi Tales

This image was taken 10 days after the previous photo with the pumpkin. Look how much he's grown in that short amount of time. Wiley has been such an easy puppy that he makes me want 10 more Corgi pups! When we brought him home at just days

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It's A Pumpkin, Wiley 8/01/2014

It’s A Pumpkin, Wiley!

We had a pumpkin leftover from last year, in August! This is before pumpkins starting appearing in the markets for this season, usually about mid-September. Wiles (one of our shortened cutie name for our corgi pup), was fascinated with

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Nikita - Autumn Leaves 2010 - Corgi Tales #corgitales

Beautiful Nikita Autumn Leaves

Nikita was so easy to photograph and it seemed he knew how and when to look at the camera. He wasn't a self-centered child, quite the opposite. More than anything it was his respect and acknowledgement that he knew I was there and so he always gave

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Wiley - Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup, Corgi Tales

Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup

Is there anything sweeter than a Corgi Pup? How about a sleeping Corgi Pup? Moments after the image shot for "Wiley - Rhymes with Smiley!" our little puppy was fast asleep. One of the many things that Wiley was initially fascinated with (like

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