Cody’s Puppy Brother – Introducing Wiley!

Wiley 08/06/2014 |

Wiley 08/06/2014 |

This is Wiley’s (rhymes with “smiley”) debut on Corgi Tales!

Our little male pembroke is just two days shy of 10 weeks old and has been with us for the last two weeks already!

We met our little guy when he was three weeks old and looking forward to sharing more about his sweet, and sometimes puppy-feisty personality that is all corgi. Those puppy features of soft, pink puppy paws & puppy fur, razor sharp teeth, sweet puppy whimpers, hard play and long bouts of sleep… all intact.

Anyone in the mood for more puppy pictures? :)

Our new addition Cody’s Puppy Brother – Introducing Wiley!

Cody 03/2014 |

Cody – Our Lonely…

I haven't forgotten about continuing the events and status of Cody's Seizures...and I will. Since earlier this year, there were a lot of changes and happenings with regards to my Corgi boys. Life changes and tragic loss. While Cody's seizures

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Cody of Corgi Tales - 03-15-2014 |

Cody’s Seizures…

My intention with these next posts and our experiences is not to in any way sensationalize about what we've only recently discovered, Cody's seizures, but to maybe in some way help anyone that has a fur-child with similar health

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Cody from

A New Chapter for Cody…

I was going to post this image of Cody months ago. So much has happened and it was never done. Routines and life took several twists and turns. Cody's is learning to adjust as being the only furkid and has become a full-time indoor Corgi-kid at

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My Corgi Boys - September 2008 | Dockers, Nikita & Cody |

My Corgi Boyz…

After losing Nikita, I found it difficult to look through the photography I had so lovingly captured through the years of my Corgi-boyz. Photographing Dockers and Cody had become less frequent. As I was starting to pick up the camera again and

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