I See You! Wiley in the garden…

Wiley in the garden - Corgi Tales

We had a couple of days of good rain in Southern California. It’s time to start or finish early gardening projects now and so while in the garden yesterday, Wiley was close by my side. I was photographing the awakening of my garden (see the images here on the Teenie Cakes journal later this eve…) and landscape when I looked down and found him watching me most intently with those beautiful honey-colored eyes.

I almost feel guilty to be enjoying the next days of temps in the 80’s while a winter freeze continues in much of our eastern states. However, we do pay dearly $$ for the sunshine tax…don’t we?

Two or three evenings ago, I joined Hubbs, Cody and Wiley in our family room where they were watching TV. Wiley gave me a warm and loving greeting and approached me with his tug-toy. As I sat on the couch, he jumped up to get closer to my face and SMACK!*#* He slammed into my chin. I don’t know what my chin might have done to his head, but for days after my chin was so sore. Was almost expecting it to bruise into black and blues!

Sweet Wiley in I See You! Wiley in the garden….

My Beautiful Dockers – Birthday Remembrance

My Beautiful Dockers from Corgi Tales - CorgiTales.com

Today is my boy’s birthday. A day, that unbeknownst to us, a beautiful being, soul and life was born and that he would share his love and magical energy with us to become such a presence in our lives.

The first year without my Dockers on his birthday. It seems a lifetime ago already since I was able to pick him up and cradle him in arms, squeeze him, shower him with kisses and have him look at me with those bright, intelligent and knowing eyes.

Not forgotten. Terribly missed.

My Beautiful Dockers – Birthday Remembrance on Corgi Tales aka CorgiTales.com

Wiley’s First Holiday Season

Wiley of Corgi Tales

It’s easy for something like this to slip your mind, but this past holiday season was our puppy Wiley’s first holiday season!

A couple of years ago we changed how we display our Christmas tree. It’s now up off the floor set on a table. Because of the change of holiday decor, I’ve missed capturing images of the boys near the tree because it doesn’t sit on the floor now. I’m going to change that for this year!

Before taking the tree down on the 4th of January (yes, I wait that long…so sad to take holiday decor down!), I had the boys pose in front of the opened gifts and decor. I will admit, it is quite a challenge with Cody and Wiley when it comes to picture-taking. I’m going to have to really work with them so I can capture them more for CT.

Thought I’d get this holiday image up and posted on CT before January is over and with the intent of continuing in the the last several posted images of my corgi boys, Niki, Doc and Codes themed for holidays.

My sweetling pup in Wiley’s First Holiday Season.

Cody 2009 - Corgi Tales

Cody Dreaming of a White Christmas

Our sweet Cody...dreaming of a white (but cozy) Christmas and holiday season. Truth be told, Cody has not experienced snow yet. I'm thinking he wouldn't care for it too much as he likes snuggling and being snug as a bug in a rug where he can

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Dockers 2009 - Corgi Tales

Season’s Greetings from Corgi Tales

Season's Greetings to you, your families and all your fur children! - Love Corgi Tales (Cody, Wiley, Corgi Tales' Mom and Dad) In loving memory of our Dockers and Nikita...

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Birthdays - Remembering Nikita '14

Birthdays – Remembering Nikita ’14

Back in 2009, I wrote about these set of images I captured that weren't planned (they usually never are), very early one morning. The boys (Dockers, Nikita and Cody) had just spent the evening sleeping on their new big, warm, and fluffy cushions.

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Wiley from Corgi Tales.com - pear fascination

Wiley Bobbing for Pears!

I recently featured Wiley on my Teenie Cakes food photography journal, when featuring our autumn garden. As I was photographing images of these pears, his fascination grew as he tried so intently to reach these pears overhead. In no time at all

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