Wiley – Late Season Shadows

Late Season Shadows - Wiley from CorgiTales.com

Like our Nikita, Wiley has a thing about objects. He’s rarely without a chew or tug toy in his mouth. Nikita’s thing was tennis balls, which he never tore up, just gnawed on it and carried it around. Wiley, on the other hand, will tear up the tennis ball so I take care not to leave tennis or golf balls around for him to contemplate it for fear of him choking on the ball once he gets to the core.

Wiles seems wise beyond his years. The way he acts and disposition, you wouldn’t know he’s only 10 months old. He’s a beauty. This image of him under the shadow of a Japanese Elm who doesn’t yet have its new season growth of leaves shows how much more mature he is. He’s starting to fill-out already too!

Puppy Wiley in Late Season Shadows on Corgi Tales.

The Corgi Duo – Take 2

Wiley and Cody: The Corgi Duo 04-03-2015

Cody and Wiley are enjoying the beautiful weather these days, now that it’s officially spring! See the little piece of twig that Wiles is chewing on? Never a dull moment… It’s warming up, and as you can see from Codes, the two Corgi boys are starting to shed their coats. Lots and lots of brushing these days.

I had named this post “The Corgi Duo” not realizing I had a post entitled that already…check it out HERE (it’s of beautiful Nikita and a younger sprite, Cody).

Hope you’re enjoying Easter celebrations or just kickin’ back enjoying April!

Cody and Wiley enjoying the warm days in The Corgi Duo on Corgi Tales.

Wiley – A Corgi Pup!

Wiley - Corgi Pup from Corgi Tales 09-04-2014

This image makes me smile and laugh. Taken back in September when Wiley was not quite 4 months old. Amazing how much he’s grown already. He’s miniature size here and his beautiful amber eyes are lighter. He’s a character to be sure and appropriately named.

The perspective on the image makes it even more comical…taken with an iPad. These days, he’s been surprising me with lizards as tokens of his love…I have to do everything just to contain my surprise and sadness in having to pick up what remains of my poor garden lizards. Wish there was some way of teaching him the values of live-and-let-live.

Notice the drop of water clinging to his bottom lip as he just had a drink of nice cold water! ;)

Wiley…appropriately named in Wiley – A Corgi Pup! on Corgi Tales.

Cody 03-02-2015 - Reflecting on CorgiTales.com

Corgi Reflecting

Sometimes I wonder if Cody is more "thoughful" or if his mind processes things differently because of his seizures. He loves to play and do all the normal things a Corgi does, but he's much more "personal" and doesn't have any personal space

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Cody & Wiley 03-02-2015 - CorgiTales.com

Breather From The Rains…a Corgi Moment

The corgi boys spent the previous two days before this image cooped inside. I think they were feeling a little blue until the sun reappeared. You can't tell from the picture but they're up on a high hill that overlooks a valley. Even corgi-dogs

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Wiley in the garden - Corgi Tales

I See You! Wiley in the garden…

We had a couple of days of good rain in Southern California. It's time to start or finish early gardening projects now and so while in the garden yesterday, Wiley was close by my side. I was photographing the awakening of my garden (see the images

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My Beautiful Dockers from Corgi Tales - CorgiTales.com

My Beautiful Dockers – Birthday Remembrance

Today is my boy's birthday. A day, that unbeknownst to us, a beautiful being, soul and life was born and that he would share his love and magical energy with us to become such a presence in our lives.

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