Dreaming of Cooler Days…Cody

Cody 01-13-2015 - Corgi Tales.com

I was looking for an image to share that features both Cody and Wiley. Although there are some candid shots from my phone and iPad…they’re much more challenging to come by with my camera as Wiley won’t stay still long enough.

It’s been freakishly humid and warm these days in Southern California. Yesterday with temps reaching in the 90’s we had an unexpected fierce storm out our way that was something from a horror story as we were pelted hard from rain for a good 15 minutes. With the ground initially so dry and the rain having no where to go with such immediacy, the situation was starting to look a little scary outside as places that were starting to flood couldn’t handle the massive amount of downpour in such a short period of time.

Cody sat next to Wiley at the glass door with a full view, wondering what all the excitement was as for that brief 15 minutes we had thunder that shook the house and shocking bright flashes of lighting rip through the sky. I’m thinking he was dreaming of calmer and cooler days like in this image taken this last winter/January under our crape myrtles that had just dropped their leaves. Very shortly the sun came out and you would have never had guessed there was a storm of any nature only an hour ago.

Sweet Corgi-boy in Dreaming of Cooler Days…Cody on Corgi Tales.

What’s Cuter Than A Corgi Puppy?

Wiley - Corgi Puppies - CorgiTales.com

Riddle me this…seriously. What is sweeter and cuter than a corgi puppy?

Any guesses?


Pictured here is Wiley (left-front) with two of his litter-siblings. Little sister sitting behind a tri-color brother. Super sweetness!

Have a great weekend.

Puppiness Wiley in What’s Cuter Than A Corgi Puppy? on Corgi Tales!

Wiley Turns 1 Year Old Today on Corgi Tales

Wiley 07-07-2014 at 5 Weeks - Happy Birthday to our Corgi Puppy - CorgiTales.com

Our sweet corgi boy officially turned one year old today!!

It seems like ages ago that he was this small. When I look at him, he’s still a puppy. I think my fur kids forever stay a puppy in my eyes, only more (or less) obedient and maybe (just maybe) less destructive without puppy teeth. I do miss those razor-sharp puppy teeth… We are very happy that his disposition is complimentary to Cody’s and they have become close buddies.

Wiley was a lot like Dockers with regards to being an exceptionally easy puppy. He surprised us everyday with how mature and so oddly wise he was for his young age. It’s truly a testament to the breed.

To continue the celebration of our angelic boy, the next posts will include sweet corgi puppy pictures of him and his litter mates!

Sweetness and heaven sent from our beloved Dockers and Nikita, Wiley Turns 1 Year Old Today on Corgi Tales!

The Great Corgi-Con: "Who Is Training Who?" - CorgiTales.com

The Great Corgi-Con – Who is Training Who?

We couldn't have nailed our sweet puppy's name more accurately. In just a few days, our boy will be turning 1 year already! Still full of lotsa puppy+corgi energy. In the evenings our boys gather with Hubbs and I in front of the television

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Wiley 03-26-2015 - Still A Corgi Puppy - Corgi Tales

Wiley – Still A Corgi Puppy

Wiley's puppyhood comes to an official end in the next weeks. Yes. I can't even believe that we will be celebrating a 1 year birthday for him at the end of the month. I don't know that he ever was a "true" pup, because he's always seemed far

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Late Season Shadows - Wiley from CorgiTales.com

Wiley – Late Season Shadows

Like our Nikita, Wiley has a thing about objects. He's rarely without a chew or tug toy in his mouth. Nikita's thing was tennis balls, which he never tore up, just gnawed on it and carried it around. Wiley, on the other hand, will tear up the

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Wiley and Cody: The Corgi Duo 04-03-2015

The Corgi Duo – Take 2

Cody and Wiley are enjoying the beautiful weather these days, now that it's officially spring! See the little piece of twig that Wiles is chewing on? Never a dull moment... It's warming up, and as you can see from Codes, the two Corgi boys are

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