Beautiful Nikita Autumn Leaves

Nikita - Autumn Leaves 2010 - Corgi Tales #corgitales

Nikita was so easy to photograph and it seemed he knew how and when to look at the camera. He wasn’t a self-centered child, quite the opposite. More than anything it was his respect and acknowledgement that he knew I was there and so he always gave me his full attention.

The image was taken on a crisp day in December when, in Southern California, the leaves are just starting to change if we’re lucky. No posing on my part. Just me following the boys and capturing their beauty.

One of my favorite images of my boy and previously featured on CT. I’ve used this one on mobile phone’s wallpaper for the last two years.

He is dearly missed…Beautiful Nikita Autumn Leaves.

Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup

Wiley - Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup, Corgi Tales #corgitales

Is there anything sweeter than a Corgi Pup? How about a sleeping Corgi Pup? Moments after the image shot for “Wiley – Rhymes with Smiley!” our little puppy was fast asleep.

One of the many things that Wiley was initially fascinated with (like most puppies) are shoe laces. At this age, its all about simplicity and shoelaces are all the rage. Wish he wasn’t growing up so quickly because I’m completely enjoying his puppy stage and wouldn’t complain one bit to have it last longer!

Our Wiley in Sweet and Sleepy Corgi Pup.

Wiley – Rhymes with Smiley!

Wiley Rhymes with Smiley! -

This was the day we brought our little Wiley (rhymes with Smiley) home. He just had his introduction to a happy Cody and is now all tired out next to a bowl of water. Minutes, maybe seconds after this shot, he was fast asleep in the same place, same position. He was probably dreaming of his brothers and sister litter mates and wondering where they were.

Puppies play hard and need a lot of nap time. It’s important not to tire them out when they’re that young without letting them have long bouts of rest and sleep to keep their immune systems healthy.

His colors sort of meld into the color of the cement and his eyes pick up the color of that gray bowl next to him. This was just a mere 9-10 weeks ago. Can’t wait to get caught up on Corgi Tales to have you meet and see our pup, now.

We’ve had visits to the vet for his puppy shots and I just have to cringe when they call him “Willy” Ugggh! It’s Wiley…

Wiley, who rhymes with Smiley on Corgi Tales.

alt="Cody - A Rough Night -"

Cody – A Rough Night

This morning around 1:30 AM Cody had a seizure and then another one at 2:30 AM. His seizing pattern has been in clusters of two (typically) and they're always very exactly timed and spaced apart. It had been 4 months since his last one and we had

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A Happy Dockers Dream - Corgi Tales

A Happy Dockers Dream…

I was walking in an open area with rows of low-cut greenery. As I'm walking through this beautiful landscape, I feel a sense of anticipation as I look anxiously ahead. I see him and calmly walk towards him as he happily greets me from what looks

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Wiley's Homecoming |

Wiley’s Homecoming

We got to bring our little Wiley home two days earlier than expected and we couldn't have been more thrilled! The breeder was fantastic and patient with us as we visited every week (I would've liked to have visited everyday!). Our little guy

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Wiley 08/06/2014 |

Cody’s Puppy Brother – Introducing Wiley!

This is Wiley's (rhymes with "smiley") debut on Corgi Tales! Our little male pembroke is just two days shy of 10 weeks old and has been with us for the last two weeks already! We met our little guy when he was three weeks old and looking

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