Summer Luvin’ – Dockers

Wednesday 17 July 2013

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Summer Luvin' - Dockers |
52 Weeks of Corgis in 2013 – Series 27/52
Dockers | July 03, 2013 at 07:38:27AM
Summer Luvin’ – Dockers

It’s been the usual warm summer that we’re used to. The Corgi-boys have been enjoying longer days hanging out in the house, out of the heat.

Months and weeks ago the tell-tale sign that summer was just around the corner was the healthy tufts of shedding hair all over their coats. After what seemed like long bouts of grooming, the next day would look like they hadn’t been brushed in weeks. I could’ve made a corgi puppy with all that shedded fur!

Here, Doc is in need of both a good bath and more grooming (sshhh! Don’t mention “bath” or “brush” or he’ll tunnel into his house!)

Dockers, my beautiful boy, in Summer Luvin’.

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